Our Story

We Believe In The Power of Hard Work.

We support the work of organizations with strong leadership and values that reflect those of our founder, A. James Clark. Our mission is to expand opportunities for those who demonstrate the drive and determination to better themselves and their communities. Together with our partners, we focus on educating engineers, improving the lives of veterans and their families, and providing members of the DC community the best opportunity to thrive.

Since its founding in 1987, the A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation is proud to have supported hundreds of nonprofit organizations located primarily in the Washington, DC region. It was Mr. Clark’s intent that after his passing the Foundation would operate for a finite number of years. His aim was for the Foundation to maximize the impact of its grant investments by focusing on today’s challenges. That is why our Board of Directors decided in 2016 that they will spend down the Foundation’s assets within the next decade.

The Foundation’s principal goal is to ensure the nonprofit organizations we support have a strong infrastructure and programmatic vision and will succeed after the Foundation’s spend down.

  • Effort Deserves Opportunity

    Effort Deserves Opportunity

    We invest to help those with a drive to better themselves and their communities.

  • A Pragmatic Approach

    A Pragmatic Approach

    We approach social challenges with an engineering mindset, looking for action-oriented solutions to today's problems.

  • Give Where You Live

    Give Where You Live

    We have a special focus on giving back to the DC metro area community that helped Mr. Clark's businesses succeed.

  • Measurable Results

    Measurable Results

    We hold our grantees to the highest standards on behalf of the people they serve.

Our Founder

A. James Clark ( 1927 - 2015 )

A. James Clark ( 1927 - 2015 )

As head of Clark Construction, Mr. Clark helped transform the skyline of Washington, DC. But he did much more than build buildings. For 30 years, Mr. Clark built his Foundation one investment at a time.

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