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We Believe In The Power of Hard Work.

This conviction enabled our founder, A. James Clark, to grow a local construction company into a national success. And it guides the philanthropic giving we continue in his name today. At the A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation, we invest to help hard workers with a drive to achieve. We seek out grantees who build practical, immediate and concrete connections between effort and opportunity — from scholarships for engineering students, to better schools for DC’s children to veteran reintegration programs. Then we give our grantees the resources and autonomy they need to succeed, holding them to the highest expectations on behalf of the individuals they serve.

  • Effort Deserves Opportunity

    Effort Deserves Opportunity

    We invest to help those with a drive to better themselves and their communities.

  • A Pragmatic Approach

    A Pragmatic Approach

    We approach social challenges with an engineering mindset, looking for action-oriented solutions to today's problems.

  • Give Where You Live

    Give Where You Live

    We have a special focus on giving back to the DC metro area community that helped Mr. Clark's businesses succeed.

  • Measurable Results

    Measurable Results

    We hold our grantees to the highest standards on behalf of the people they serve.

Our Founder

A. James Clark ( 1927 - 2015 )

A. James Clark ( 1927 - 2015 )

As head of Clark Construction, Mr. Clark helped transform the skyline of Washington, DC. But he did much more than build buildings. For the last 30 years, Mr. Clark has been building his Foundation one gift at a time.

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